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The song was written by American blues singer/guitarist John Lee Hooker and recorded in 1961. Although a blues song, music critic Charles Shaar Murray calls it "the greatest pop song he ever wrote". "Boom Boom" was both an American R&B and pop chart success in 1962 and a UK top-twenty hit in 1992.

"Boom Boom" is one of Hooker's most identifiable and enduring songs and "among the tunes that every band on the [early 1960s UK] R&B circuit simply had to play". It has been recorded by numerous blues and other artists, including a 1965 North American hit by the Animals.


Boom, boom, boom, boom

I'm gonna shoot you right down

Knock you off of your feet

And take you home with me

Put you in my house

Boom, boom, boom, boom

Ow ow ow ow ow

Hmm hmm hmm

Hmm hmm hmm hmm

I love to see you strut

Up and down the floor

When you're talking to me

That baby talk

I like it like that

Oh yeah

Talk that talk

Walk that walk

Won't you walk that walk?

And talk that talk

And whisper in my ear

Tell me that you love me

I love that talk

When you talk like that

You knock me out

Right off my feet

Ho ho ho ho

Well, talk that talk

And walk that walk

Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Talk that talk, babe

Songwriters: John Lee Hooker

Boom Boom lyrics © BMG Rights Management


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